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Pike nurseries answers your gardening questions

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Do you have a problem with your garden? Pike Nurseries answers a few of our viewer submitted questions! If you have a question about taking care of your lawn, garden, or shrubbery, send it to goodday@myfoxatlanta.com and it just might be answered on Good Day Atlanta next Friday!

Pike Nurseries will be holding free fall gardening classes at all of its location on September 15. The hours are from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Website: www.pikenursery.com  

Question 1:
As the watermelon grows it turns dark at the end and rots. What's going on?

It appears to be blossom end rot which is a calcium deficiency. Unfortunately, once blossom end rot develops there is no quick fix. To prevent blossom end rot in the future make sure the soil is properly amended. When planting edibles it's best to amend the soil with Pike Planting Mix, Foothills Compost and lime so the soil is rich in nutrients. Lime is a good source of calcium. You can also use a calcium supplement like Bonide Rot Stop. It can sprayed directly on developing fruit and foliage.

Question 2:
The cantaloupe grows flat on one side then fall off and rots. What's going on?

A flat area usually develops on cantaloupe when they are grown on the ground or there is something pushing on the fruit while it's growing. However, it appears that the cantaloupe was grown vertically. The spot looks like it could be sunscald. Cantaloupe fruit need some protection from the sun which they usually get from the plants foliage. However, if grown vertically it's possible that the fruit didn't receive this protection. Try harvesting your melons before they fall from the vine even if they aren't fully ripe. Place the melons in a dark, dry area for a day or two and they should fully ripen and be ready to eat.

Question 3:
Can you tell me what the name of this tree is & how to care for it, when is the best time to plant one. I think this tree is so beautiful.

This is a crape myrtle, a southern classic. Crape myrtles vary in size depending on the variety and how it is pruned. Fall is a perfect time to plant crape myrtles, or for that matter nearly anything, because the soil and air temps are cooler. Planting it now gives it a chance to establish before the summer heat.

When planting a crape myrtle, dig a hole that is twice as wide as the plants pot and about the same height. Amend the native soil with Pike Planting Mix. This will help break up our dense southern clay soil. Place a handful of EB Stone Sure Start in the bottom of the hole to give the plant needed nutrients and prevent transplant shock. Place the crape myrtle in the hole and fill in with the remaining soil mixture. Tap the soil to get rid of any air pockets and water thoroughly.

Question 4:

My yellow trumpet vine campsis amarilla has been growing all season long. It grows along a black fence but has never bloomed. I keep wrapping it all over this fence but never see a flower; what is wrong with this plant? Help!

There could be several reasons why your yellow trumpet vine campsis amarilla isn't blooming. First, how is it being pruned? Trumpet vines produce flowers on new growth so if it was pruned in late spring or early summer it's possible that the growth it would bloom on is no longer there.

This could also be a fertilizer issue. If the trumpet vine is taking in too much nitrogen from the ground or high nitrogen lawn fertilizers that were applied nearby it would have lush green foliage but this would discourage the plant from blooming. Fertilize your trumpet vine with a fertilizer high in phosphorus, the second number listed on fertilizers, to encourage blooms.

Lastly, if the plant is young it may just need another year to establish before rewarding you with blooms. Even though trumpet vines grow aggressively, sometimes you have to wait a year or so for the big show.

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